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Swiss Replica Watches Company Was From The End Of 18th

Swiss ETA Tag Heuer has a history to be traceable to the late 18th century: in 1793 established a watch factory. Opened in 1855 and specializes in the manufacture of another "Ebauches (semi-finished watch movements)" factory. It was later named ETA. In 1926, brings together the major gaps in the Swiss movement manufacturer's stock company Ebauches SA established. When the SMH in 1983 after the establishment, Ebauches SA changed its name to ETA SA Fabriques dEbauches. Switzerland and around the world now has a staff of more than 9 thousand ETA is the world's largest manufacturer of watches and movements.

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TAG Heuer pronounced as TAG Hoy-er is one of the world leading watch maker known for the durable sports watches and chronographs. He is very popular for luxurious watches making. One of the world's best well known watches maker is on 4th rank in outstanding watches market. TAG Heuer includes Aquaracer, Link, Carrera, Monaco, Formula 1 and Kirium lines of production. Edouard Heuer established a watch making company in 1860 actually. Edouard Heuer founded his first wrist chronograph in 1941. In 1933 Heuer's company introduced "Autavia'a dashboard timer for automobiles and aviation use. In 1969 Heuer introduced automatic chronograph with partnership of Breitling and Hamilton. TAG Heuer brand name was formed in 1985 when TAG introduced latest technology ceramic turbochargers for Formula1 cars. After launching such great technology and modernized product line Tag Heuer Watches became one of the best Swiss watches manufacturing company.

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